Belleville church of Christ
All lessons by Brad Phillips unless otherwise noted

09-24-23        It Pays To Serve Jesus    (PDF Slides)
09-24-23        Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant    (PDF Slides)
09-17-23        Retaining God    (Jeremy Lynd)
09-17-23        A Servant of The Lord Must...    (PDF Slides)
09-10-23        Serving Others As Jesus Did    (PDF Slides)
09-03-23        Some Notable Servants of Jesus Christ    (PDF Slides)
09-03-23        A Servant of Jesus Christ    (PDF Slides)
08-27-23        Love One Another    (PDF Slides)
08-27-23        Some Valuable Lessons From The Scene In The Garden    (PDF Slides)
08-20-23        It Is A Shame    (Nicolas Edwards)
08-20-23        Some Things In Need of Being Exchanged    (PDF Slides)
08-13-23        Abound More and More    (PDF Slides)
08-06-23        Warnings From The Bible Concerning Alcoholic Drink    (PDF Slides)
08-06-23        Do You Love The Lord More?    (PDF Slides)
07-30-23        Tool's of God's Providence    (Craig Thomas)
07-30-23        Count It All Joy    (Craig Thomas)
07-23-23        Being Perfect    (James Hahn)
07-23-23        Members That Strengthen    (James Hahn)
07-16-23        Some Needs of Today's Pulpit and Pew    (Nicolas Edwards)
07-16-23        Let This Mind Which Was Also In Christ Be In You    (PDF Slides)
07-09-23        We Are Only Here For A Little While    (PDF Slides)
07-02-23        3's Found In The Book of Genesis    (Bill McCubbin)
07-02-23        Consider The Lilies of The Field    (PDF Slides)
06-25-23        Give Me The Bible    (PDF Slides)
06-25-23        What Shall I Wear?    (PDF Slides)
06-18-23        Courage    (Kurt Doughty)
06-18-23        Pride Month: A Reflection of A Sinful Nation    (PDF Slides)
06-11-23        Church Discipline    (PDF Slides)
06-04-23        Compliments From Christ    (PDF Slides)
06-04-23        Beware of The A.D. 70 Doctrine    (PDF Slides)
05-28-23        Psalm 19    (PDF Slides)
05-28-23        The Race Set Before Us    (PDF Slides)
05-21-23        Be An Example    (Andrew Thomas)
05-21-23        Unity    (PDF Slides)
05-14-23        How The Bible Says To Treat Your Mother    (PDF Slides)
05-07-23        Our Like Precious Faith    (PDF Slides)
05-07-23        Hell Is No Joke!    (PDF Slides)
04-30-23        The Parable of The Rich Fool    (PDF Slides)
04-30-23        The Parable of The Unforgiving Servant    (PDF Slides)
04-23-23        Did You Think To Pray?    (PDF Slides)
04-23-23        Some Things The Bible Declares About The Earth    (PDF Slides)
04-16-23        Keeping The Faith    (Clay Hollingsworth)
04-16-23        Why Does Everyone Need Jesus?    (PDF Slides)
04-14-23        The Parable of The Ten Virgins    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-13-23        Binding Christ    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-12-23        When Did Christ Establish His Kingdom?    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-11-23        The Outstretched Hand of Jesus    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-10-23        Greater Than Jonah and Solomon    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-09-23        Jesus At Nain    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-09-23        When Isaiah Saw The Lord Jesus Christ    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-09-23        Mary    (Jarrod Jacobs)
04-02-23        Let's Prepare For Our Gospel Meeting    (PDF Slides)
04-02-23        Why We Do Not Do Some Things Other Churches Do    (PDF Slides)
03-26-23        The Devices of Satan    (James Hahn)
03-26-23        The Importance of Our Assembling Together    (James Hahn)
03-26-23        Witnesses To The Deity of Jesus    (James Hahn)
03-19-23        The Shield of Faith    (Jacob Dispennett)
03-19-23        How Great Is Your Love For The Truth?    (PDF Slides)
03-12-23        Five Essentials For Spiritual Growth    (PDF Slides)
03-05-23        Some Characteristics of Those Who Know God    (PDF Slides) 
03-05-23        Do Not Worry    (PDF Slides)
02-26-23        This World Is Not My Home    (PDF Slides)
02-26-23        Psalm 116    (PDF Slides)
02-19-23        Nehemiah    (Justin Witt)
02-19-23        An Exemplary Church    (PDF Slides)
02-12-23        "As Newborn Babes"    (PDF Slides)
02-05-23        The Uniqueness of The Bible    (PDF Slides)
02-05-23        Press Toward The Prize    (PDF Slides)
01-29-23        A Lesson on Faith    (Max Puckett)
01-29-23        A Great Example of Respect For The Word of God    (PDF Slides)
01-22-23        Won't It Be Wonderful There    (PDF Slides)
01-22-23        A "To Do" List For Christians    (PDF Slides)
01-15-23        The World's Bible    (Tony Allender)
01-15-23        Giving Back To The Lord    (PDF Slides)
01-08-23        Deacons    (PDF Slides)
01-01-23        Some Things To Avoid and Abstain From In 2023    (PDF Slides)
01-01-23        Some Things We All Should Seek To Do In 2023    (PDF Slides)
12-25-22        "Keep Christ In..."    (PDF Slides)
12-18-22        What's The Good?    (Kurt Doughty)
12-18-22        What If Tomorrow Never Comes?    (PDF Slides)
12-11-22        Some Valuable Lessons From The Childhood of Jesus    (PDF Slides)
12-04-22        Who's Name Are You Wearing?    (David Thomas)
11-27-22        God Is So Good    (PDF Slides)
11-27-22        Do Not Lose Faith In The Midst of The Storm    (PDF Slides)
11-20-22        Walk As Jesus Walked    (Nathan Lynd)
11-20-22        I Thank God...    (PDF Slides)
11-13-22        Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage    (PDF Slides)
11-06-22        Some Things Money Cannot Buy    (PDF Slides)
11-06-22        "Be Totally Committed"    (PDF Slides)
10-30-22        Walk In The Right Things    (Lincoln McPherson)
10-30-22        Render Honor To Whom Honor Is Due    (PDF Slides)
10-23-22        The People Needed and Not Needed In The Church    (Mike Thomas)
10-23-22        Principals of Harvesting    (David Thomas)
10-16-22        Lessons From Hezekiah    (Jeremy Lynd)
10-16-22        The Burden of Personal Responsibility    (PDF Slides)
10-09-22        What Does The Bible Teach About Baptism?    (PDF Slides)
10-02-22        An Admonition To Older Women    (PDF Slides)
10-02-22        Some Valuable Lessons We Can Learn From Geese    (PDF Slides)
09-25-22        Some Things You Cannot Do    (PDF Slides)
09-25-22        Sowing The Seed of The Kingdom    (PDF Slides)
09-23-22        You Are Not In Control    (Curtis Cooper)
09-22-22        You Are The Man    (Curtis Cooper)
09-21-22        You Are Needed and Need Others    (Curtis Cooper)
09-20-22        You Are Not Your Own    (Curtis Cooper)
09-19-22        You Are A Sheep    (Curtis Cooper)
09-18-22        Pressing Forward To What Is Ahead    (Curtis Cooper)
09-18-22        Soil Analysis    (Curtis Cooper)
09-11-22        What Can I Do For Our Gospel Meeting?     (PDF Slides)
09-04-22        The Lord's Will    (James Hahn)
09-04-22        Draw Near To God    (PDF Slides)
08-28-22        How Can We Help This Local Church Have Elders?    (PDF Slides)
08-28-22        The Responsibility of The Church To The Elders    (PDF Slides)
08-21-22        The Responsibility of The Elders    (PDF Slides)
08-14-22        A Elder Must...    (PDF Slides)
08-07-22        The Kind of Elders Needed In The Church    (PDF Slides)
08-07-22        The Need For An Eldership    (PDF Slides)
07-31-22        6 Passovers    (Max Puckett)
07-31-22        What Makes A Local Church Strong?    (PDF Slides)
07-24-22        Blessed Assurance    (PDF Slides)
07-24-22        How Is Your Attitude?    (PDF Slides)
07-17-22        Some Things Jesus Did    (Lincoln McPherson)
07-17-22        What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality?    (PDF Slides)
07-10-22        What It Means To Dress Modestly    (PDF Slides)
07-03-22        We Are Fellows    (PDF Slides)
07-03-22        Christian Liberty    (PDF Slides)
06-26-22        What A Friend We Have In Jesus    (PDF Slides)
06-26-22        Beware of Institutionalism    (PDF Slides)    
06-19-22        Lessons From Uzzah    (Nicolas Edwards)
06-19-22        David's Admonition To His Son    (PDF Slides)
06-17-22        Ye Shall Never Fall    (James Hahn)
06-16-22        Causes of Apostasy    (James Hahn)
06-15-22        Joseph    (James Hahn)
06-14-22        His Commandments Are Not Grievous    (James Hahn)
06-13-22        Attitude Toward The Bible    (James Hahn)
06-12-22        Preaching Jesus    (James Hahn)
06-12-22        Baptized But Not Converted    (James Hahn)
06-12-22        Speaking His Word    (James Hahn)
06-05-22        Five Keys To Having A Successful Gospel Meeting    (PDF Slides)
06-05-22        Some Roadblocks To Heaven    (PDF Slides)
05-29-22        Instrumental Music Is Not Authorized    (Ethan Jennings)
05-29-22        When I Survey The Wondrous Cross    (PDF Slides)
05-22-22        "So Thou Shalt Put The Evil Away From You"    (Nicolas Edwards)
05-22-22        Whatsoever He Saith Unto You, Do It    (Nicolas Edwards)
05-15-22        As For Me and My House    (Jared Edwards)
05-15-22        What Saul Saw    (Mike Thomas)
05-08-22        Godly Women Are Needed    (PDF Slides)
05-01-22        What Will Cause A Church To Diminish?    (PDF Slides)
05-01-22        What Will Cause A Church To Grow?    (PDF Slides)
04-24-22        I Know My Redeemer Lives    (PDF Slides)
04-24-22        "Flee, Follow and Fight"    (PDF Slides)
04-17-22        The Cost of Sin    (Kurt Doughty)
04-17-22        Keep On Keeping On    (PDF Slides)
04-10-22        What Should We Do After A Gospel Meeting?    (PDF Slides)
04-08-22        What Paul Was Taught About Baptism    (Lanny Smith)
04-07-22        Keeping Back Part of The Price    (Lanny Smith)
04-06-22        The Kingdom of God In It's Broadest Sense    (Lanny Smith)
04-05-22        The Vicariousness of Christ's Death    (Lanny Smith)
04-04-22        What's He Doing Now?    (Lanny Smith)
04-03-22        How The Cross Changes Me    (Lanny Smith)
04-03-22        The Simple Message of The Cross    (Lanny Smith)
04-03-22        Exalting Jesus Christ    (Lanny Smith)
03-27-22        I'll Fly Away    (PDF Slides)
03-27-22        What Does A Gospel Meeting Provide?    (PDF Slides)
03-20-22        Psalm 23    
03-20-22        Get In The Habit...    (PDF Slides)
03-13-22        We Are Soldiers of Jesus Christ    (PDF Slides)
03-06-22        Some Valuable Lessons From Aquila and Priscilla    (PDF Slides)
03-06-22        Some Things That Can Help Us Do Better    (PDF Slides)
02-27-22        Why Did My Savior Come To Earth?    (PDF Slides)
02-27-22        Demands of Discipleship    (PDF Slides)
02-20-22        Denominationalism    (Ethan Jennings)
02-20-22        Bible Authority    (PDF Slides)
02-13-22        Gender Roles In The Home and Church    (PDF Slides)
02-06-22        The Creator, Sustainer, and Judge of All    (PDF Slides)
02-06-22        "This Do In Remembrance of Me"    (PDF Slides)
01-30-22        Light of The World    (Andrew Thomas)
01-30-22        Sound Counsel For The Youth    (PDF Slides)
01-23-22        Sing To Me of Heaven    (PDF Slides)
01-23-22        Characteristics of A Sound Church    (PDF Slides)
01-16-22        Theories of Men Refuted In Genesis 1    (PDF Slides)
01-16-22        What Do The Scriptures Say?    (PDF Slides)
01-09-22        Take Heed How You Hear    (PDF Slides)
01-02-22        10 Things We Ought Not To Be In 2022    (PDF Slides)
01-02-22        10 Things We Ought To Be In 2022    (PDF Slides)