Belleville church of Christ
All lessons by James Hahn unless otherwise noted

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08-11-19        Hindrances To Obedience    (PowerPoint)
08-04-19        As I Ought To Speak    (PowerPoint)
08-04-19        Importance of The Church    (PowerPoint)
07-28-19        Sin of Indifference    (PowerPoint)
07-21-19        Excuses of Moses    (PowerPoint)
07-14-19        Jesus Is The One    (PowerPoint)
07-07-19        Work of An Evangelist    (PowerPoint)
07-07-19        The One Baptism    (PowerPoint)
06-30-19        Achan's Sin    (PowerPoint)
06-23-19        David's Charge To Solomon    (PowerPoint)
06-23-19        Paul's Example    (PowerPoint)
06-16-19        Excuses For Disobedience    (PowerPoint)
06-09-19        Where Are You?    (PowerPoint)
06-02-19        Being As Little Children    (PowerPoint)
06-02-19        The Tongue    (PowerPoint)
05-26-19        Saved Like Saul    (PowerPoint)
05-19-19        Joseph    (PowerPoint)
05-12-19        Barriers To Understanding    (PowerPoint)
05-05-19        Contentment    (PowerPoint)
05-05-19        Coming Of The Lord    (PowerPoint)
04-28-19        The Precious Word    (PowerPoint)
04-21-19        Husband-Wife Relationship    (PowerPoint)
04-21-19        A Friend Of Jesus    (PowerPoint)
04-14-19        Being Faithful    (PowerPoint)
03-31-19        What The Bible Says About Angels     (PowerPoint)    -- Brad Phillips
03-31-19        Conversion    (PowerPoint)
03-24-19        One Body    (PowerPoint)
03-24-19        Consequences Of Believing The Truth    (PowerPoint)
03-17-19        Imitators Of God    (PowerPoint)    Michael Riddle
03-10-19        Spiritual Strength    (PowerPoint)
03-03-19        The Holy Spirit    (PowerPoint)
03-03-19        His Spirit Was Stirred    (PowerPoint)
02-24-19        Beware    (PowerPoint)
02-24-19        Consequences Of Sin    (PowerPoint)
02-17-19        I Shall Not Be Moved    (PowerPoint)
02-17-19        Persuading Men    (PowerPoint)
02-10-19        Wrath Turned To Praise    (PowerPoint)
02-03-19        Seek Ye First    (PowerPoint)
02-03-19        Perilous Times    (PowerPoint)
01-27-19        Developing Elders    (PowerPoint)
01-27-19        Lessons From Our Baptism    (PowerPoint)
01-13-19        Submit To God    (PowerPoint)
01-06-19        Sin Of Doing Nothing    (PowerPoint)
01-06-19        Baptized But Not Converted    (PowerPoint)
12-23-18        Learn Of God    (PowerPoint)
12-23-18        Partaker Of Other Men's Sins    (PowerPoint)
12-09-18        Is It I?    (PowerPoint)
12-02-18        Remember Thy Creator    (PowerPoint)
12-02-18        Reasons Of Our Hope    (PowerPoint)
11-25-18        Refuse Not Him That Speaks    (PowerPoint)
11-25-18        Mistakes About Christ & The Church    (PowerPoint)
11-18-18        Justified By Faith    (PowerPoint)
11-11-18        Our Worship    (PowerPoint)    --Andy Dickey
11-04-18        Ye Shall Never Fall    (PowerPoint)
11-04-18        Attitude Toward The Bible     (PowerPoint)
10-28-18        Being Servants    (PowerPoint)
10-28-18        The Church    (PowerPoint)
10-21-18        Expectations    (PowerPoint)    -- Kendrick Davis
10-21-18        Who Is A Christian?    (PowerPoint)
10-14-18        Heaven On Your Mind    (PowerPoint)    -- Brian Phillips
10-07-18        Our Reasonable Service    -- Michael Riddle
10-07-18        Being Ashamed    (PowerPoint)
09-30-18        God And Church    (PowerPoint)    -- Andy Dickey
09-30-18        Spiritual Heart Trouble    (PowerPoint)
09-23-18        Jesus, The Christ    (PowerPoint)
09-16-18        Response To The Gospel    (PowerPoint)
09-02-18        Joseph    (PowerPoint)
09-02-18        Making Wise Choices    (PowerPoint)
08-26-18        Such As I Am    (PowerPoint)
08-19-18        Contrasts In The Life of a Christian    (PowerPoint)
08-12-18        Father Of The Prodigal Son    (PowerPoint)
08-05-18        Ingratitude    (PowerPoint)
08-05-18        Fulness Of Time    (PowerPoint)
07-29-18        Follow Jesus    -- Brian Phillips
07-29-18        True Disciples    (PowerPoint)
07-22-18        The Change In The Thessalonians    (PowerPoint)
07-15-18        Why Early Christians Were Persecuted    (PowerPoint)
07-08-18        The Appointed Day    (PowerPoint)
07-01-18        Teach Us To Pray    (PowerPoint)
07-01-18        The Ideal Assembly    (PowerPoint)
06-24-18        His Commandments Are Not Grievous    (PowerPoint)
06-24-18        How Are We Saved?    (PowerPoint)
06-17-18        Acceptable Worship    (PowerPoint)
06-03-18        Teaching and Teachers    (PowerPoint)
06-03-18        One Thing Is Needful    (PowerPoint)
05-27-18        Rich Man and Lazarus    (PowerPoint)
05-20-18        The Local Church    (PowerPoint)
05-13-18        Peter's Downfall    (PowerPoint)
05-06-18        Your Own Salvation    (PowerPoint)    -- Andy Dickey
05-06-18        Trials Of Life    (PowerPoint)    -- Brian Phillips
04-29-18        Attitudes    (PowerPoint)
04-22-18        Who Needs To Be Baptized?    (PowerPoint)
04-22-18        Who Is A Christian?    (PowerPoint)
04-15-18        I Am Ready    (PowerPoint)
04-01-18        What Determines Truth?    (PowerPoint)
04-01-18        Calling On The Name Of The Lord    (PowerPoint)
03-25-18        God Is Faithful    --Brian Phillips
03-18-18        Danger of Liberalism    (PowerPoint)
03-11-18        Righteous Judgment Of God    (PowerPoint)
03-04-18        Corrupt Speech    (PowerPoint)
03-04-18        Hell    (PowerPoint)
02-25-18        Sin Of Indifference    (PowerPoint)
02-18-18        Proper Listening    -- Bruce Carpenter
02-18-18        What Makes A Strong Congregation?    (PowerPoint)
02-11-18        Overcoming Sin    (PowerPoint)
02-04-18        Priorities    (PowerPoint)
02-04-18        Preventing Apostasy    (PowerPoint)
01-28-18        Being A Child Of God    (PowerPoint)
01-28-18        At The Cross    (PowerPoint)
01-21-18        Parent-Child Relationship    (PowerPoint)
01-14-18        Husband-Wife Relationship    (PowerPoint)