Belleville church of Christ
All lessons by Brad Phillips unless otherwise noted

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05-24-20        10 Memorials Found Mentioned In The Bible    (PowerPoint)
05-17-20        Jesus Is Essential    (PowerPoint)
05-10-20        The Church Is Not The Building    (PowerPoint)
05-03-20        "Like Precious Faith"    (PowerPoint)
04-26-20        10 Things The Bible Declares About The Earth    (PowerPoint)
04-19-20        "Nothing"    (PowerPoint)
04-12-20        A Living Hope    (PowerPoint)
04-05-20        "The Greatest"    (PowerPoint)
03-29-20        The Creator, Sustainer, and Judge of All    (PowerPoint)
03-22-20        Do Not Worry    (PowerPoint)
03-15-20        Authorized Acts of Worship    (Josh Barrow)
03-15-20        Faithful Sayings of Paul     (PowerPoint)
03-08-20        Purer In Heart    (PowerPoint)
03-01-20        What Can Happen To One's Faith?     (PowerPoint)
03-01-20        How Is Your Faith?    (PowerPoint)
02-23-20        A Few Bad Attitudes Not Needed Today    (PowerPoint)
02-23-20        A Few Good Attitudes Needed Today    (PowerPoint)
02-16-20        Servitude    (Kendrick Davis)
02-16-20        Why Does Everyone Need Jesus?    (PowerPoint) 
02-09-20        The Christians Fleet    (PowerPoint)
02-02-20        The Uniqueness of The Bible    (PowerPoint)
02-02-20        Why Will Only A Few Be Saved?    (PowerPoint)
01-26-20        The Book of Life    (PowerPoint)
01-26-20        Needed Christian Characteristics Found In Romans 12    (PowerPoint)
01-19-20        Faith    (Josh Barrow)
01-19-20        Righteousness That Exceeds    (PowerPoint)
01-12-20        Means of 1st Century Church Growth    (PowerPoint)
01-05-20        Church Discipline    (PowerPoint)
01-05-20        A Recipe For Success    (PowerPoint)
12-29-19        Strive To...    (PowerPoint)
12-29-19        Debtors To Jesus    (PowerPoint)
12-22-19        Put Christ Back In...    (PowerPoint)
12-22-19        Sin is Sin    (PowerPoint)
12-15-19        AD 70 Doctrine Pt. 3    (JR Bronger)
12-15-19        AD 70 Doctrine Pt. 2    (JR Bronger)
12-15-19        AD 70 Doctrine Pt. 1    (JR Bronger)
12-08-19        Essentials For Spiritual Growth    (PowerPoint)
12-01-19        Some Characteristics of Those Who Know God    (PowerPoint)       
12-01-19        Let Us Rise Up and Build    (PowerPoint)