May we introduce you to an unusual group of Christians in the Belleville, IN community? These Christians are not a part of any denomination. They have no denominational name, creed, or headquarters; nor are they a part of any denominational organization, conference, association, or synod. They are simply Christians, meeting together regularly, recognizing Christ as their only Head and the Bible as their only creed. 

The activities of these Christians are financed by free-will offerings contributed each Sunday. They do not beg from the world; nor do they raise funds for the church through business enterprises, paper drives, rummage or garage sales. Rather, in keeping with the teaching of I Corinthians 16:2: "Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him," they give liberally of their own prosperity once a week. They decide for themselves the use that they will make of these funds, carefully distributing them according to the guidance of the New Testament in the three-fold work of preaching the gospel, caring for their needy, and edifying one another. No funds are sent to central organizations or headquarters for distribution. 

The emphasis of these Christians is spiritual. Their building contains an auditorium conducive to spiritual worship and class rooms for Bible study periods. No gymnasium or game room or dining area is provided, however. You see, these Christians are convinced that the church's purpose is to help people get to heaven rather than to provide for their social and recreational needs. 

Their worship is quite simple with congregational singing, prayers, the preaching of the word, and weekly observance of the Lord's supper. In their worship they are participants, not spectators, and all activities are conducted "decently and in order". A spiritual worship which focuses upon God and His Son, Jesus Christ is the emphasis.

This group of Christians believes in the power of the gospel to draw men to Christ. They refuse to cheapen the gospel through offering lollipops or balloons or free trips to recreational parks to draw people to their services. They in fact refuse all types of promotional gimmicks, believing that all such practices tend to detract from Christ and spiritual values. 

In short, this group seeks to exalt Christ, through preaching His word, through following His teaching, through doing only that which He authorizes, through wearing only His name, through making Him the center of their affection and adoration, through recognizing Him as their only Head, Lord, and King. 

Who are these Christians? They are men and women in your community much like yourself. They are school teachers, motel operators, repairmen, credit managers, insurance salesmen, etc., who are seeking daily to please the Lord in their lives. They are a happy people, enjoying life, partaking freely of the abundant blessings which flow from the Lord. And in their group activities, they are seeking to pattern themselves after the teaching of the New Testament, to be truly a church of Christ in your community. 

Are you wondering if there really is such a group? We invite you to "come and see".